Super Fast Life Update!

  • Quit Sumitomo! Peace out, fuckers! JK I love you all, just that one guy.
  • New job! Applied Medical is where it’s at!
  • Maybe moving to Irvine! Applied Medical’s close to home and everything but my mom unplugging the internet every time she’s mad at my brother is becoming a bit too much.
  • Anniversary! Leaving for Big Sur tonight! Hopefully the weather cooperates.
  • Vacation! Going to Paris (France) on Sunday til Thursday. on hon hon
  • New camera! Well, sorta. Bought a camera from Serena and now it’s time to pretend like I know what I’m doing.

That’s it for now. I’ll elaborate if I feel like it.

Dream job interview at 16:00 today. Holy fuck. Is this happening?

Happy 4 Years, Tumblr.

Well, sorta. Missed the window by like 30 minutes or so. Fuck.

I started [trying to] blog a few summers ago while I was sitting in my Intro to Logic class at community college with the sole intention of bitching about life, and reflecting on the past four years…that definitely hasn’t changed. Didn’t even get credit for that course. asdfjkl;


Life snapshot time, I guess. Today is Month 8, Day 17 of being an employee at Sumitomo. I’m definitely not planning on being here any longer than 10 months. This guy that I’ve been working with is driving me up the wall; I think he’s the first person I know that’s pissed me off twice in a single day besides my parents, but at least with the latter there’s hope of reconciliation. 

The guy seriously just can’t leave it alone. Little man power complex, I call it. He’s not smart (no degree), charismatic (an asshole), and the little power that he actually does have, he clings to like no tomorrow. Seriously? My fucking boss sent me to look for a part, and you think that’s not enough of a reason to go to your department on the shop floor when you’re on vacation? 

Then things get worse. My technician loses a part, and then this guy immediately comes over, accuses me of hiding the part, and yells in front of my cubicle “MAYBE WE SHOULD RUMMAGE THROUGH YOUR STUFF AND SEE IF WE CAN FIND IT”

Naturally, I don’t say too much besides give him the “wat” look and go over to HR. I feel kinda bad for the girl in HR, she’s kinda new and once a week it’s a new episode of “Damn This Guy Sucks.” She calms me down a bit and I go back over to him and tell him that we need to talk and pull him into the smallest meeting room we have, and his eyes grow wide and kinda scared. I tell him that he straight up made me the most uncomfortable I’ve been since I started working, and he said he didn’t remember what happened. I spat his words back at him and he followed up with “that’s not what I meant!”


This is just today, too. Ugh. I’ll probably elaborate more on this when I’m not…employed by them anymore lol.


Last week we had a church retreat, and a huge portion of this was dedicated to what do you value, with all of your heart?

Obviously the right answer is Jesus duh

I really can’t make that claim. I don’t even know where I am with my walk, it gets pushed to the side more often than not and at this stage in my life it’s not even top five priorities. It’s maybe like a 7 or something. Like I know I’ll care more about it later, but as of right now…not so much.

I’m trying to follow this guide to see if it’ll help get me anywhere:

Off the top of my head, the first 5 that come to mind are:

1. Money. It’s even in the bible where Jesus be all like “can’t serve two masters, yo.” And he’s right. But it’s so freakin’ important to me. I want to provide for my kids, provide for my family, be able to give them the same opportunities that my parents gave me. 

2. Family. With the passing of my grandfather a little less than 4 months ago, it’s become really important to me that the people that have been closest to me remain close to me, and that they know it. 

3. Friends. I don’t have a whole lot of them left. Something something I was antisocial during college and it hurt, but the people that stuck around are the most valuable thing that I have. 

4. Excellent-ism. lol wat. It’s going to sound like I’m talking out of my ass if I describe it in detail, but I believe in being excellent to one another, in manner and in deed. Antonym of dickism. Applicable everywhere except on the road and evidently in the workplace.

5. Appreciation. This is important to me, but it’s not something I’m particularly strong with. This ranges from the appreciation of having a job, no matter how shitty it is, to the appreciation of nature and having time off to be able to explore it. 

I’m reviewing the list and I’m not sure if this is who I want to be. I don’t want to be the guy that puts money before everything, but it’s such a good motivating force. idk.

I should be sleeping. Peace.

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